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"I choose to risk arrest to shed light on the injustices of Governor Rauner's budget cuts."

Those are the words of Gene Horcher, JASC member, before risking arrest with 60 other seniors and allies on November 2nd. Please help us raise the funds to pay the legal fines and tickets of Gene and other brave leaders and organizers who risked arrest protesting Governor Rauner's immoral budget cuts.

On Monday, November 2nd, more than 60 people - thirteen members of JASC - shut down the Chicago Board of Trade to demand that Terrance Duffy, the President of the CME Group, stop fighting the LaSalle Street Tax and calling on the Illinois Legislature to pass and Governor Rauner to sign this small sales tax into law.  Why did we get arrested for a tax?  In Cook County, our sales tax rates will soon increase to 10.25%.  Meanwhile, the big banks and corporations who buy commodities and futures at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board Options Exchange DO NOT PAY A PENNY IN SALES TAX!  Because they don't pay their fair share, Illinois doesn't have the funds it needs to fund the community care program, to fix our crumbling streets or public transit, to fund the world class education our children and grandchildren deserve, and to fund the retirements promised to state workers or to maintain our social safety net.   

On November 2nd, we took to the streets and raised up our message of PASS THE LASALLE STREET TAX, RAISE REVENUESNO CUTS!!

There is still time for you to join us in that human chain, and add your voice to ours.
Will you stand with us, and support our civil disobedience team?

Thank you.

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